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Tax Id Input


This component let users create tax id input.

Component Codex


auAbnLabelAU zone labelstring__('ABN Number', 'surecart')
caGstLabelGST zone labelstring__('GST Number', 'surecart')
countryThe country code.string
euVatLabelEU zone labelstring__('EU VAT', 'surecart')
gbVatLabelUK zone labelstring__('UK VAT', 'surecart')
helpHelp text.string
loadingIs this loading?boolean
numberTax ID Numberstringnull
otherLabelOther zones labelstring__('Tax ID', 'surecart')
requiredWhether tax input is requiredbooleanfalse
showForce show the field.booleanfalse
statusThe status"invalid" | "unknown" | "valid"'unknown'
taxIdTypesTax ID Types which will be shownstring[][]
typeType of tax idstring'other'


scChangeMake a request to update the order.CustomEvent<{ number: string; number_type: string; }>
scInputMake a request to update the order.CustomEvent<{ number?: string; number_type?: string; }>
scInputTypeChange the TypeCustomEvent<string>
scSetStateSet the checkout state.CustomEvent<string>


reportValidity() => Promise<boolean>